Center for Disease Control Tackles Zombies

zombies_bigAre you prepared for the impending zombie apocalypse? If you don’t participate in zombie costume play, then chances are you aren’t equipped for the “Day of Judgment” from the undead. So grab your tinfoil hat and listen up.  (Or is tinfoil for alien invasions?)

Good news! The United States Center for Disease Control has created the guide “Preparedness 101” which contains everything you need in case of a zombie apocalypse.

Wait… What? Why is the Center for Disease Control worried about zombies?

It turns out people are more likely to pay attention to zombie preparedness plans than plain-old emergency preparedness. Bestselling books have already been written on the subject like The Zombie Survival Guide and Zompoc: How to Survive and Zombie Apocalypse. These books are filled with humorous commentary laced with important public health and welfare information.

The Center for Disease Control began its “Preparedness 101” in 2011 to educate the public about natural disasters. The response by the public was very positive. Within three days the Twitter @CDCemergancy had over 1.2 million followers and today it has 1.5 million followers.

The boost in Twitter followers allowed the CDC to effectively disseminate information of new threats or impending natural disasters to people’s mobile devices.

So what defines this campaign as corporate social responsibility?

Namely, the “Preparedness 101”, goes above and beyond the call to protect American people.  Despite the fact that the Center for Disease Control is a government agency and their mission is to serve and protect the American public, (thus being obligated to partake in corporate social responsibility), we can still label their efforts and success as socially responsible.

Let’s take a closer look at what the CDC did. The Center for Disease Control saw a problem: American’s were not prepared for natural disasters or emergencies. CDC solved this by creating and engaging campaign that educated viewers about the steps to take before and after a crisis occurs. The campaign was successful because it promoted the health and welfare of all Americans without discrimination. It is further used under the CDC blog Public Health Matters where stories are collected about how the “Preparedness 101” has changed the way Americans view emergency safety.

CDC Zombie Nation: Teaching Preparedness though a Zombie Outbreak

Even though there isn’t going to be a zombie outbreak anytime soon, the information and plan of action for the zombies can be transferred to other emergencies that Americans may face. In this way the campaign made people aware of potential dangers and educated them about steps to take, possibly saving lives in years to come. Which is a benchmark for any corporate social responsibility campaign. The CDC is using its new following on social media to continue to educating the public for the good. This campaign also helped teach people about the resources the CDC provides and what they do for the country.

This campaign is a model for other government agencies to connect with the media savvy generation. The CDC was able to engage, inform and persuade people to make a plan and be prepared.

In the interest of full disclosure, there was some public backlash centering around how the CDC did not recommend any weapons or artillery to defend oneslef, so you may view the YouTube video below.


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