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The topic I will peruse this term is discovering the rationale behind corporate social responsibility (CRS). This will include finding out what CRS issues a majority of companies adhere too, and if these self-imposed regulations are driven by consumer demand, economic write offs or true altruistic behavior (altruistic: doing good because it is good). I also want to understand the boundaries companies choose when they consider consumer demands to practice corporate socially responsible. Furthermore I am going to say clear of the topic of environmentally social responsibility because of the greenwashing epidemic.


A word cloud consisting of 50 words relating to corporate social responsibility and moral business practices. Image from


I am going to listen and learn from corporations whom already have a reputation for good corporate social responsibility (CSR). I will also watch companies whom don’t practice CSR and observe how their market is impacted.

I am about to graduate from the University of Oregon with a degree in Journalism, focusing in public relations. I also have a minor in Economics.
I have completed six internships in college, each of which has accelerated my career in public relations. As a Journalism student, I am interested in web design, video production, photography, storytelling and creating content that people want to share. As an Economic student I am interested creating strategies to modify people’s transitive behavior and expand into new markets.

Recently, I have become fascinated by how organizations choices are affected by consumers. There is a mob of voices using social media and traditional media to effect practices. For example, irritated customers can post to a company’s Facebook page in all capital letters, and the company has a choice to publicly respond to allegations. Another example is how boycotts can start on Twitter and spread like wildfire. I am intrigued by how organizations respond to the voice of the mob.


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